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Heliostatix is devoted to creating unique health products  through the use of cutting-edge delivery principles.  As an innovator in ophthalmic delivery, Heliostatix has earned acclaim from customers and health professionals alike for its flagship product, LumenPro. With an industry-leading research facility, top-notch manufacturing chain, and an extensive network of experts, Heliostatix engineers yesterday's breakthroughs into today's products.  

LumenPro Lanosterol Eye Drops for Cataracts


Animal Health

Vision care eye drops that support eye clarity in animals. Recommended for animals with cataracts. Combines the ingredients lanosterol and N-acetylcarnosine. 

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LumenPro® Health

Animal Health

Dietary supplement specifically tailored to support vision, cardiovascular and joint health.  Can be used alone or in conjunction with LumenPro Eye Drops.

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Drug Delivery Services and Products

Take advantage of Heliostatix's patented and patent-pending technology.  Currently, offering services to increase solubility, bioavailability and stability of customer products.


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