Story of Heliostatix

Our Mission

Heliostatix is a biotechnology company devoted to creating unique non-medical products for animals and humans through the use of cutting-edge delivery principles.

Our Story

Heliostatix was founded in the US by researchers in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. After discovering an effective lanosterol solution for cataracts, our team found there was a huge demand for a product that could dissolve cataract-forming proteins.

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals

From humble beginnings, Heliostatix began as a lab-scale operation in Greenbelt, MD. After proving ourselves in the market, we have become a dedicated manufacturer of ophthalmic solutions that support the reversal of cataracts. We've continued to develop new and inventive products using our proprietary drug delivery technology. Heliostatix has earned acclaim from veterinary and health communities, as well as earned thousands of happy customers. Heliostatix will continue to lead the front in ophthalmic supplement research.