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Good Vision is Important for People…and their Pets

Updated: Jan 5

Our eyes are windows to the world around us — allowing us to take in the sights of the

people, places and things that fill our lives. Same holds true with our pets, which rely on

their vision to help them navigate their environment. With time, however, the clear

view we and our canine companions rely on can become compromised, as the lenses of

the eyes develop a murky film making it harder to see. This clouded vision is the result

of cataracts.

Cataracts develop in dogs when there are changes in the water balance in the lens or

changes to the proteins within the lens. When the lens becomes cloudy, light can’t reach

the retina, causing blindness. A mature cataract looks like a white disk behind your dog’s

iris; the part of the eye that usually looks black will now look white.

The condition most often develops from disease, old age and trauma to the eye, but

inherited conditions and diabetes are the most common cause. Cataracts may be even

be present at birth or develop when a dog is very young — between one and three years

of age.

You probably won’t notice any change in your dog during the early stages, but once the

cataracts are mature (completely blocking light transmission to the retina), he or she

will become blind, bumping into walls or furniture, be unsure about stairs, and have

trouble finding food and water bowls. Dogs are very adaptable, however, and soon learn

to function without sight.

Heliostatix is a direct-to-market biotech company whose flagship product, LumenPro,

promotes vision clarity in animals with cataracts. This scientifically-formulated eye drop

product is safe and effective on mild to moderate, or newly-developing cataracts. Find

out more about LumenPro and how it can help your pet — see the light! Contact us


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