Hey Bright Eyes! Help Promote Good Eye Health in Your Pet

They’re expressive. They’re soulful. They’re downright beautiful! It’s the eyes that play a critical role in your dog’s well-being, and you can be proactive in helping to ensure they’re the best they can be — to keep eye-related health issues at bay.

1. Cleanliness is key: Dogs’ eyes produce watery and mucousy discharge that can be perfectly normal. But unlike us, their eyes are surrounded by hair that can trap this discharge – not to mention dirt and environmental debris! For most shorthaired dogs, a cotton ball and a bit of eye flush is all you need to keep peepers clean. However, longer haired dogs and those with chronic eye conditions should be groomed regularly to prevent matting and excess build-up.

2. Feed him eye health power foods: These include blueberries, carrots, eggs, pumpkin tomatoes and salmon, among others.

3. Insist on safety in the car: Dogs that ride with their heads out the car window are exposed to ocular dryness and debris caused by heavy winds, which can damage the eyes, in addition to being dangerous.

4. Know the health issues your breed is prone to: Certain breeds are predisposed to conditions of the eye. Be sure to research any conditions or diseases that your dog may be predisposed to so you know exactly what to watch for.

5. Be aware of signs of disease or injury: If something looks wrong to you about your pet’s eyes — such as excess tearing, cloudiness of the lens, colored discharge, redness, swelling, etc. – see your vet immediately! Many serious conditions of the eyes, such as cataracts, are degenerative and can progress quickly without treatment.

Committed to animal eye health

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