Microbead Formulation

Heliostatix conducts research and development projects using microbead encapsulation.  Microbeads are drug delivery agents useful for increasing stability, improving appearance, and enhancing bioavailability of target molecules. 

Heliostatix offers microbead  synthesis and formulation services for sodium alginate and chitosan compatible molecules.

Carrier Molecules and Complexing

At Heliostatix, innovation on the front of drug delivery is of utmost importance. Several of our products utilize carrier molecules to aid in delivery, absorption, and penetration of active ingredients into the tissue of interest.

Heliostatix offers carrier molecule formulation and complexing services to interested parties.

Molecular Delivery Systems

Our products use varied methods of drug-delivery and molecular delivery, including transdermal, ophthalmic, oral, subQ and IV delivery,  developed using unique polymer systems to enhance stability and bioavailability.

Heliostatix can provide expert advice and services on methods of molecular delivery and provide options for your desired application.

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