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I thought it was too late. Bouka is 13 years old, active and puts a smile on my face. He loves chasing his ball almost as much as eating. I knew his eyes were getting worse because he was smelling rather than running and “fetching” the ball, misjudging distance and would frequently miss the couch. He is so active I couldn’t let him live in darkness. I read the articles on blindness in dogs, bought a couple of glow in the dark balls so he could play as long as possible and bells for me, so he could find me. I knew this wasn’t enough. Enough was getting the Lumen Pro eyedrops. I have been using them for a couple of weeks, he has stopped pacing every night. I think he was trying to memorize the lay of the land while he could still see it. He now runs to his ball and finds it, so I know these drops are doing what I prayed they would. Thank You!

Michelle W on Dec 22, 2018

About 3 weeks use of time shown here on this little pup, she’s seen a lot of improvement with her cataract! I noticed cataracts on my dog's eyes. verified by the veterinarian and the groomer. Cooper is 11 1/2 years old 100% Havanaese, He was showing in "the ring" until he got too heavy. Got your drops after asking on line about a treatment. So I sent in for some, and the difference is quite notable. He likes his eyedrops, and reacts like he sees better. I recommend this for someone whose dog has cataracts and needs treatment.

Alice B on March 30, 2018

Our 14 year old male American Eskimo was developing cataracts. He became more passive and less active His eyesight was compromised. After 1 week of Lumen Pro he started jumping up on the couch like he used to and jumping into the car. We were pleasantly surprised with the results of the drops. He has become more confident and more active because he can see. Great Product, will definitely continue to use it as long as the results continue. Thank you!

Annie and Steve on January 13, 2019

My dog Lucky started treatment with LumenPro about a month ago. Since then, we have already seen some improvement. He is trying to run, which he hasn't done for a very long time, and is much more sure-footed, especially during the day. He also doesn't mind me putting these drops in his eyes, which is surprising because he hated when I tried other drops. Thank you LumenPro!

Kerry on January 3, 2019

These are by far the best eye drops I have bought, and are exactly what I needed for both of my pets!

Scott W on May 16, 2018

Although they are expensive I bought them for my 15 year old Havanesse dog. He can not have his cataracts removed because of his age and diabetes the Vet thought the anesthesia would be bad for him. He has been blind for over a year and gets around by memory, moving slowly and smell. After one application I felt he could see better. I told my husband (who is a doctor) but he was skeptical. After the second application he could follow my husband’s hand movements and the skeptic became a believer. My house cleaners came today and the husband said “What happened to your dog? He can see now. He is happy”. I can’t tell you the joy I feel to see him walk across the room looking around without his nose to the ground, or to see him run to me across the room. He has spent hours just looking at my face. I let him out to go to the bathroom and he spent 5 minutes standing on the porch just looking. It seems like each application gives improvement. On the box it said it would take 6 weeks to see improvement—in the study it said it only worked if the cataracts were made of a certain kind of protein but my husband said all cataracts are made of protein. I hope that everyone who buys this product experiences the same amazing results that my dog has. I have never been happier with any product in my life!

 Terri B on November 15, 2018 

My dog was recently diagnosed with cataracts.. poor Charlie He had been bumping into chair legs and other furniture around the house ever since. I tried two other eye products for dogs but came to no avail for my little guy.
These puppies did the trick, he within a month became more mobile and seemed noticeably happier & the added bonus was he would see me come in and stop barking sooner cause he could SEE it was me!
I was skeptical, but am genuinely surprised with how well these eye drops work. I am just grateful and fortunate to have found something that truly worked

Anthony M on April 19, 2018

Product was delivered promptly. Did a lot of research and feel this product may have best change to help my dogs cataracts. Have monitored progress weekly. She seems to be improving and we are going to keep up this treatment. As all pet owners we want her to continue to get better since she is still of good health. We are seeing results and hoping for more!

Randal P on August 10, 2018

Honestly I didn’t know anything about these drops but my cousin had been using them on her dog and they seemed to be helping. I’ve now started using them on my 9 year old dog Gus, he had developed cataracts pretty quickly. So far so good, Gus seems to be navigating the house better and the eyes look improved! Glad I heard about these!

Ally on June 13, 2018

This is really amazing. I wish I had taken photos. Mollie is a 13yr old poodle. She had that gray film developing over her eyes. I have used LumenPro for two months and I see a big difference. Her eyes are almost clear. It’s very expensive but it did the job. I wish I had taken a before photo. Thank you LumenPro!!

Robin R on May 23, 2019

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my Pomeranian’s cataract’s beginning to disappear. One eye is healing quicker than the other, but it’s still much better. She doesn’t even mind me putting the drops in because she knows it’s helping her. It’s expensive, but it works great.

Michelle C on April 27, 2019

Even More Happy Pups...

"You helped my dog so much, thank you LumenPro!"

"Charley was unable to move around the house, but now he's finally getting more comfortable!"

"I've been using this product for just a few weeks and Tomtom's eyes have already cleared up!"

"I had an issue with the tip clogging but they informed me that they had changed their manufacturing methods to fix the issue and sent me a replacement plus one extra!"

"After just a few weeks my pup had a noticeable difference in his right eye! Thank you so much!!"

"Both of Sam's eyes cleared up about 60% or better after just 6 weeks of use! This product is incredible and I will definitely be recommending to friends!"

"My diabetic dog could barely move around the house and hadn't tried to run in months. After a few weeks with LumenPro, he is jumping around and enjoying life again! My husband and I were both surprised, but so happy this product really worked for us!! Thank you!"

...and many more! Try LumenPro today and see what we can do for your pet!

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